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Monday, June 17, 2013

Monsters, Inc.

Me - Monsters, Inc., wow! Monsters, Inc. used to be my favorite movie. I already had a Boo doll before I saw the movie. It was my favorite doll. I was so excited to be seeing her on the TV. The first time I watched it, I was sitting there going "Boo! Boo! Boo!" the whole time. When Boo cried, I cried. When Boo slept, I cried. When Boo laughed, I laughed. I used to have a Boo and Sully bubble blower. The movie was my favorite movie too. I used to watch it every day. I took my Boo doll with me everywhere and did everything with her. Later, I had a couple of other Boo dolls. One was real soft and one talked. However, my original Boo was always my favorite. Nothing could every replace her. I never actually saw the movie in the movie theater until I was older, and they rereleased it. I can't wait to see Monsters University!

Mom - When the movie, Monsters, Inc.  was first in movie theaters, it looked kind of stupid to me so I didn't bother going to see it. When Melia was about 1 and 1/2, my husband and I watched it on cable. We loved it. Boo reminded us so much of Melia. If we had seen it earlier before Melia was born, we definitely would not have loved it as much as we did. After we saw the movie, we got Melia a toy Boo doll at the Disney store. Up to that time, Melia was not that attached to any of her toys. That all changed with Boo. The moment she got Boo, she ran around the store hugging her and would not put her down. For many years, Boo was a member of our family, she ate with us and went everywhere with us. We even had to get an extra Boo to keep at Grandma's just in case. One of my favorite memories is of the first time, Melia saw the movie Monsters, Inc. She just could not get over the fact that Boo was in a movie. She kept laughing and smiling and pointing at the screen. When Boo laughed, she laughed. When Boo cried, she cried. When Boo slept, she also cried. I'm not sure why maybe she thought Boo was not going to wake up again. For a while, Melia used to watch Monsters, Inc. every single day. Now, that she is older, she hasn't watch the movie in many year nor have we. However, it is one of the few movies, we would actually considered paying money to see it in 3D even though we had already seen the movie because both Boo and Monsters, Inc. will always hold a special place in our hearts. We ended up not seeing it in 3D, however. We look forward to seeing Monsters University but cannot imagine that it will be as special as Monsters, Inc. if there is no Boo in it.

And that is our view. What movie is special to your family?

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