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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fairs and Carnivals

Me -  Fairs and carnivals, wow!  I went to one carnival and one fair last summer. The fair was better. My Dad got mad at me at the carnival. At the fair, I went on the Gravitron. It was the worst ride in the history of fairs. I went on the Tilt-A-Whirl which was really fun. I love the Tilt-A-Whirl. I went on a spinning dragon ride. The floor spins and you can use the steering wheel to spin even more. I went on a ride where there were two rows of seats and you go all the way up really high, and it spins. Then, you spin around in a circle. I went for  a pony ride. My Dad asked if we wanted to get cowgirl hats by the pony ride. We didn't hear so we didn't get them. I would have liked to have gotten one. I have never been on a pony ride where someone wasn't pulling the pony around on a rope. I have ridden a pony before. When I was little we went to a dude ranch on vacation.  I was too little to ride. I did take horseback riding lessons at camp one summer though. I did not go on the Ferris Wheel at the fair. I do not like the Ferris Wheel. They are boring. I did go on one at the carnival. That was kind of fun because it kept shaking. Aurella was scared but I thought it made the ride more fun. I love carnivals and fairs.

Mom - Last summer, we went to the County Fair. My mother told me that we used to go to them when I was younger, but truthfully, I don't remember that at all. All in all, I think County Fairs are somewhat of a rip-off. First you have to pay just to get in. Then, you first have to buy tickets if you want to go on rides. Each ride is at least several tickets so the tickets get used up quickly especially if you have a lot of people with you. You are better off going to an Amusement park where the admission price might be a little higher but once you pay to get in you can go on whatever rides you want as much as you want without having to pay any more money. Games at the fair are a total rip-off too. Even if you eventually win something there is a good chance that you spent more money winning it than you would have if you just bought it at the store. I think some of those games are not even made so that people can win them. I did like looking at the cute little animals at the fair. They had a really cute baby pig and some other animals. I also like looking at the crafts people are selling especially the pocketbooks, dresses and earrings. However, I didn't get to do much of that because my kids wanted to go on rides. Besides, if I actually bought anything that would just be spending more money and making the total cost of the fair even more expensive. So all in all, the fair was alright, but there are other things I would rather do, and I wouldn't rush to go back there.

And that's our view. What do you like to do at the County Fair?

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