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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lakewood Blueclaws

Me - Lakewood Blueclaws, wow! I love the Blueclaws. They are my favorite minor league baseball team. We go to see them play a lot. Last year, almost every game we went to they lost. One game they started out losing, and were losing most of the game. However, because of Ryan Howard and Chris Duffy they were able to turn it around and win. At that game, I was really lucky because we were sitting behind the visiting teams bullpen. The other team's starting pitcher gave me the ball after he finished warming up. Also, one of the people working there gave me a t-shirt when they did the t-shirt toss. My sister got really jealous when I got a ball even though she has lots of them. When she was little, a visiting player gave her a ball too, and she thought he was her boyfriend. We eventually found her a ball the day I got one though, and then she was only jealous about the t-shirt. My sister and I love Buster the Blueclaws mascot. In fact, we love all sports mascots. My sister gets scared when they get too close to her. She likes them better far away. I love going to Blueclaws games.

Mom -  We love baseball, and we go to a lot of baseball games. These days, the team we see more than any other is the Lakewood Blueclaws. Last year we went to three or four games. Once, we went and Mark Ballas from Dancing With the Stars was there. The girls and I stood in line to get his autograph. My husband could care less. Another game, I won the tickets for. The third game we got tickets through the alumni association of my college. Unfortunately, every game, we went to the Blueclaws lost except the last one. That one was one of the most exciting games I have ever been to. The Blueclaws were losing the whole game, but won it 7-6 in the ninth inning. It was also exiting because Ryan Howard, the only player to ever have his number retired by the Lakewood Blueclaws was playing for the Blueclaws again that night. He was making a rehab appearance from the Philadelphia Phillies. He played really well, and had a couple of hits and drove in a few runs for the Blueclaws. I am not sure if I ever saw him play when he was originally with the Blueclaws. We didn't go to as many games then so I don't remember.Two seasons ago, my kids got to go on the field at the Blueclaws and throw out a ceremonial first pitch and have their picture taken with the mascot, Buster. That was fun, but it wasn't as special as it sounds. At the Blueclaws they have a lot of people throw out ceremonial first pitches at every game, and I believe that you can even buy a ticket packages that includes the option of throwing out a ceremonial first pitch. My girls go to do it because they submitted a question to the mascot in the Blueclaws kids newslettter, and it was chosen to be answered. My girls favorite part of baseball is the mascots. They especially love Buster the Blueclaws mascot, and we love our Blueclaws!

And that is our view. What is your favorite sports team?