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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doll Houses

Me - Doll houses, wow! I have a Loving Family doll house. I play with it all the time with Aurella. I love it. I've had it since I was two. It came with the mother, the father, the big sister, and the baby. When I was little I always called the baby, Willie Wonka. I don't know why. I hadn't seen the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have so many extra dolls for it and some I use that didn't even come with it. The doll family ends up having like fifteen kids. I also have Full House dolls I once got for my birthday. There is no Joey doll or Comet, the dog, but I do have a lot of dogs and a cat and a bird for the doll house. I have always wanted a Barbie Dream House. They are too expensive though. My Dad always promises he will make me a doll house. When I was younger, my Mom wouldn't let him because she said I was too young. Now, that I am older I hope he will keep that promise.

Mom - When I was young, I always wanted a doll house. I had a lot of dolls and a lot of furniture, but I never really had a doll house. The kind of furniture I had wasn't really the kind that went with the kind of doll house that  I wanted anyway. I had all Barbie furniture, and I wanted one of those big old Victorian doll houses with the fancy old fashioned furniture. My father always promised me he was going to build me a  doll house. He never did though. I am not sure if he was intending to build the kind of doll house I wanted anyway. My girls have had many doll houses. When Melia was little she had a Fisher Price Little People doll house. It was small and only had a little bit of furniture. When she was a little older, she got a Loving Family Doll House. I think that was about two or three versions ago from what they have now. Aurella had a Fisher Price My First Doll House. Later, they shared a Dora doll house that Melia's friend gave them. We still have all the Doll Houses and all the furniture and dolls that go with them except for the Dora one and the Little People one we sold  those at a consignment sale. Aurella used to love Dora and when she stopped loving her she started getting rid of all her Dora things. We still don't have the kind of doll house I always wanted though. My husband always wanted to make one for the girls, but they were to young then. I still would like to have one some day not necessarily for anybody to play with but for show.

And that's our view. What did you always want to have that you didn't ever have?

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