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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Amish Village

Me - Amish Village, wow! Last summer, we went to the Amish Village. My parents used to go there when they were kids at least my Dad did. My Mom can't remember if she went there before or not although she does remember going to Amish country. My friend came with us. We saw chickens, goats, pigs, bunnies and ponies. There was a gray and white pony. It was spotted. I had never seen anything like it. There were also three big horses. One of them was named Mr. Ed. My Dad wanted a picture of me with him. The horse kept moving his head from side to side, and I was scared. Then, Mr. Ed pushed me. When we first went in we got to see an Amish farmhouse. I wished I had brought my camera, but it was lost at the time. I didn't bring my phone either. When we got outside of the farmhouse, I remembered I brought my I-pod so I took pictures with that. They had a couple of old fashioned looking Amish buggies. My friend and my sister and I wished we could sit in one, but we couldn't. We had whoopie pie. It was really good. My Dad got us all souvenirs. I got an Amish doll, but my friend accidentally broke it. My friend got a solar powered key chain with her name on it and a picture of an Amish buggy on the back that said The Amish Country. My sister got a stuffed guinea pig. She named after our late guinea pig. I had a great time at the Amish Village. Maybe, when I get older I'll take my kids there.

Mom - Amish Village was a place that my husband remembered from his childhood. While I also remember going to Amish Country when I was a child, I do not specifically remember going to Amish Village. It was a lot smaller than my husband remembered it. However, we had a fun being and there learning about the Amish way of life. My girls especially enjoyed seeing all the animals. They had goats, birds, rabbits, and horses.They had the strangest looking horse I ever saw. It was multicolored and had both stripes and dots. There was also a horse called Mr. Ed, which didn't talk though, of course, of course. They actually used peacocks like guard dogs because peacocks will start making a racket when anything comes near. We also enjoyed visiting the one-room school house. Looking at the desks, I could just picture a young boy mischievously dipping the braids of the young girl in front of him into an inkwell. The Dick and Jane readers on display reminded me of my own childhood.  I loved looking at all the beautiful handcrafted quilts made by the Amish. I would have bought one on the spot if they weren't so expensive. Maybe, if I didn't have kids I would have splurged on one, but with kids in the house it didn't make sense to spend that much money on something that wasn't going to last that long anyway. We have been through many quilts in our house due to the rips and tears and stains associated with having children. We had dinner at Good and Plenty, a place I remembered the name of from my childhood but nothing else. It's reputation was well worth it. The food was delicious. Also, now you can order individual meals too instead of just family style meals. That worked well for us since we were there with three young girls who don't eat that much. All in all, the Amish Country was a fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there and be a part of their culture. I am too attached to my modern conveniences.

And that's our view. Which modern convenience would you miss most if you had to give it up and why?