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Monday, April 1, 2013


Me - Birds, wow! I had a parakeet named Frances. She was not very friendly. She kept biting me. I didn't have her too long because she died. I got another parakeet. That one was also named Frances. She was not any friendlier. I had her for a month or two. My brother had a parakeet too. His was named Dr. Schweitzer. He named it after a bird our Dad used to have also named Dr. Schweitzer. My brother's bird was not any friendlier. The birds were noisy, messy and rude. Frances was always biting me. My Dad had to feed her because I was afraid to. Sometimes, even my sister, Aurella fed her. My parents hated the birds because they were noisy and messy. We gave them away. A few years later, I got another bird. I named her Emerald. She was a cockatiel. She was a really pretty bird. She bit me too. Birds don't like me. Eventually, we got rid of her too. We got fish. The good thing about fish is that they don't bite. So that's my history with birds.

Mom - When I was young I had a parakeet. It's name was Mr. B. It lived at my grandmother's house. One day, the cleaning lady let it out, and it flew away. My grandmother kept the cage. She put fake birds in it. I used to like to take them out and play with them. Years later, Melia and her brother had parakeets. I love almost all living creatures except most bugs and maybe a few other of nature's creatures. Over the years, I have had various dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish. I have loved them all except the fish which I was kind of indifferent too. I hated those birds though. They were noisy. They were messy. They were annoying. Over the course of about a year, we had four different birds although no more than two at a time. I always pictured friendly trained parakeets sitting happily on their owners finger. However, it was not that way with any of the birds we ever had.  I don't remember about Mr. B.  I was too young then and didn't have him so long. I am sure he was never on my finger anyway. I know that not one of the birds Melia and her brother had was ever friendly. Not one of them ever warmed up to anyone in our family. A few years later, Melia had another bird. I think it was a cockatiel or something like that. It was beautiful and had this big beautiful cage that it came with. It was kind of noisy and messy too. That one never warmed up to Melia either. Maybe, we're just not bird people. I mean I can admire a beautifully colored bird just as much as the next person. I just don't want one living in my house again.

And that's our view. What is your favorite kind of bird?