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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Chuck E. Cheese

What: Chuck E. Cheese

Where: Various Locations

Who: Kids of all ages

Our view: Chuck E. Cheese is a great place for kids of all ages. For younger kids there are rides. For middle age kids, there is a play area. For older kids, there are games. Kids can play games and earn tickets and trade them in for prizes. There is also an animatronic stage show that may scare really small children but may entertain kids from around age 5 to age 7. The nice thing about Chuck E. Cheese is that kids (especially younger kids from about 4 to 8) like it, and it keeps them busy. It is also nice that each game costs only one token. However,it is not so nice for adults. It is very noisy. Also, while you can usually get a good deal on food and tokens as coupons are pretty readily available, the food is not very good.

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