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Monday, December 3, 2012

Good vs. Bad Holiday Edition

Me - There are good and bad things about the holidays. Some good things are I like getting presents, I like getting a break from school, and I like seeing the family. I am pretty sure everybody loves getting presents for the holidays. Why shouldn't they? Some things I like to get are ds games, dolls, and other toys. And I think all students like to have a break. School is fun but sometimes it's good to get some time off from all the work. And it's always nice to spend time with family at least once a year. Some bad things are everyplace is always crowded, and lots of things are sold out. Places are crowded because everyone is always doing last minute shopping. And things are sold out because lots of kids want them so parents go out and buy them. Although different people don't always think of the holidays as perfect there are always good and bad things about them.

Mom - There are many good and bad things about the holidays. It is fun to give and get presents. It is not fun trying to decide what to get everyone, and it is a pain when you get things you don't want and/or don't need. It is fun buying things. It is not fun when you don't have any money left or you spend much more than you should. It is nice to get together with the family. Too much family togetherness is not always a good thing. The stores have lots of sales. The stores are much too crowded. The decorations are pretty. Too many people have way too many decorations. People are happier and friendlier. People are sadder and angrier. It is a nice break not having to take the children to school and/or to and from their usual activities while they are off for winter break. It is not nice when the children are not in school and they hang around all the time being annoying and/or bored even though they have plenty of new things to play with. Holiday songs are pretty. After a week or two or sometimes even less they get annoying. It is good that the stores give you plenty of time to prepare for the holiday season. It is bad that every year the stores seem to get out their holiday stuff earlier and earlier. They used to bring out the holiday stuff after Thanksgiving. Now, they bring it out before Halloween. Before you know it, they will start bringing out the holiday stuff around Valentine's Day. After the holiday sales are good. However, the stores can sometimes be as crowded as they were before the holidays. It is always nice when the holiday season begins, it is always nice when the holiday season ends.

And that's our view. What do you like and/or dislike about the holiday season?

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