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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tips for Tuesday - Movies: Hotel Transylvania

Me - Today I am recommending Hotel Transylvania. It is hilarious and touching. It is so good I can hardly describe how good it is. My favorite character in the movie is Mavis.  I love the beginning of the movie when Mavis is a baby and her Dad is singing to her. It is just like any other father and daughter except that her Dad is Dracula. You should definitely go see this movie.

Mom - Today I am also recommending Hotel Transylvania. Despite the fact that there have been many many monster movies over the years, Hotel Transylvania puts a new spin on things. At its heart it is a movie about a father trying to keep his daughter safe in the best way he knows how. Eventually, he learns that sometimes father doesn't necessarily know best. Along the way to this discovery, it is a really funny ride.  I  particularly love the way this movie shows the monsters as just regular folk with families like us. I also love the way the monsters are afraid of people instead of the other way around.  All in all, this is definitely a fun and entertaining movie.

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