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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Special - Heather Von St. James: A Lung Cancer Survivor's Story

Heather Von St. James is a fellow blogger and a cancer survivor this is her story.

The recent holiday season was a hectic time for  us all. With the busyness of buying gifts, wrapping gifts, cooking, and travelling, often the meaning of the season can get lost in translation. For  Heather Von St. James, the holiday season and beyond is always a time worth celebrating and spreading hope.

Heather was diagnosed with a rare disease called mesothelioma in 2005, and told she only had 15 months to live. Her mesothelioma developed after being exposed to asbestos fibers on her father's jacket that she wore as a little girl. This diagnosis was made only a short while after she gave birth to her daughter Lily. You can imagine the thoughts buzzing through her head as she was told this news, being that she was now a mother, and a wife. Her journey led her to Boston, where she had to undergo an extremely risky procedure to keep her alive. This surgery involved the removal of her left lung, chemotherapy, and radiation. 

Early detection was favorable for Heather's diagnosis, and one of the reasons she is still here today to celebrate the holidays with her family. Not everyone is so lucky. This is one of the reasons Heather now spreads her story, to prove that "with hope, the odds don't matter." There are many factors that can go into the prevention of developing this disease, and keeping your lungs healthy is one of the most important. Heather wants everyone to love their lungs, as she loves hers (even though she only has one!). During the holidays and all times of the year, it is so important to stay healthy, happy, and never give up hope!

This year as every year as every year since she had her lung removed 10 year ago, Heather will celebrate Lung Leavin' Day  She celebrates this day by taking a fear she may have and smashing it into the fire. Heather's Lung Leaving Day will occur on February 2,

We all can use a little bit of Heather's courage and her hopefulness and positive attitude.

We thank Heather for sharing her story with us, 

Tune in tomorrow for the Sunday Scoop.

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