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Friday, January 8, 2016

Funtivity Friday - Award Show Bingo

Here is a fun way to watch award shows and play a game at the same time. It is kind of a variation of familiar drinking games where people have to drink every time they see a particular character or every time a character says a particular phrases or whatever. However, this game unlike drinking games is family friendly and good for all ages.

What You Will Need:

Large pieces of white paper
(large enough to divide into 5 squares by 5 squares with room to write in each of the squares)
Pens or pencils
Something to use as markers
Prizes (optional)


1) Mark off white papers in 5 squares by 5 squares like a Bingo board.

2) Write something in each square that relates to something that you typically see or hear in awards shows. For example: a particular colored dress, a particular kind of dress (strapless, one shoulder etc.), a person crying, a person thanking their mother, etc.
3) While you are watching the award show every time you see or hear  something that relates to one of the squares on your Bingo board put a marker on that spot.

4) The first person to get five across, down or diagonally wins just like in regular Bingo.

5) If you want you can give out prizes when someone wins.

6) If you have time you can clear the boards and start over again when someone wins.

Variations of the game

You can either have everyone come up with their own category for each box on their Bingo board or you can choose categories together but have everyone fill in each category in a different place in their Bingo board.  If you choose the latter method, it works best if you skip all over your board when filling in categories and don't just go down the row or column filling in squares that are next to each other. Just make sure that in the end every square is filled in.

This game can be adapted to use with shows other than award shows. However, it works best with long shows and shows you are familiar with. You might not have time to fill out a whole row on your Bingo board with a half hour sitcom, for example. However if you are going to binge watch a lot of episodes of the same show that would probably work as well. Categories you could have when watching shows other than award shows include when a familiar character appears on screen, when a familiar catch phrase is said, when a phone rings, when a person comes to the door, when the characters eat or whatever.


Tune in tomorrow for a Saturday Special.

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