Friday, January 15, 2016

Funtivity Friday - Art Projects - Glittery Hanging Snowflakes

Here is a fun winter art project:

What you will need:

White paper
Hole punch


1. Fold a white piece of paper a bunch of times.

2. Cut different shaped holes out of the paper.

3. Open the paper and spread it out on newspapers.

4. Spread glue on the face up side.

5. Decorate the face up side with different colored glitter.

6. Let dry.

7. Turn over carefully as it may have become a little stuck to the paper.

8. Spread glue on the non-decorated side.

9. Decorate the non-decorated side with glitter.

10. Punch a whole through the top.

11. Put string through the hole.

12. Hang up.


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