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Monday, March 25, 2013


Me - Transportation, wow! I don't have a driver's license. I do not look forward to getting it. My Mom never really liked to drive either. My Dad doesn't like to drive either, but he dislikes it less than my Mom so he usually drives when we are all together. In first grade and a little bit of second grade, I took the bus to school. Since then, I have walked to school. Next year, I will start taking the bus again. I have been on the train to New York a couple times. It wasn't bad. I once went on a plane to Texas with my Dad. My ears popped when we landed. It hurt a lot. Other than that, I liked flying on a plane. My sister, Aurella, has never flown, but she is afraid to fly. My Mom and Dad and I all tell her it is not that bad but she doesn't believe it. Some day, I would like to fly on a private jet.

Mom - Now, that both my girls walk to school, I don't have to drive that much. I am glad because I hate driving. Next year, my older daughter will go on a school bus. When I was young, we walked to school sometimes when I was in kindergarten through 4th grade. From sixth grade on, I was always bused to school. I have also often taken buses to New York. I have also often taken trains to New York. My college roommate and I once took the train to Boston and once took the train to Pittsburgh. I don't really like going on long train rides though. It is too boring. I went on my first airplane ride when I was a tiny baby. When I was little up until the time I got married, I used to fly a lot. I liked it when I was little, it was an adventure. When I got older and knew more about it, I didn't like it as much. In today's world, flying is a big hassle, and I am glad I don't have to do it that much. The last time, I went on a plane, Aurella was a baby, and she is now 7. She has never been on a plane, and Melia has only flown once. In some ways their are lives are very similiar to the life I led when I was young, and in other ways their lives are so different.

And that's our view. What is your favorite way to travel?

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