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Monday, March 4, 2013

The 2013 Oscars

Me - The Oscars, wow! I liked watch the Oscars with my Mom and Dad even though I hadn't seen most of the movies. I thought Seth McFarlane was funny. I was happy Jennifer Lawrence won. She is one of my favorite actresses, and I loved Silver Linings Playbook. I wish it had won best picture, but I knew it would be Argo or Les Miserables, and Silver Linings Playbook didn't stand a chance. I was also glad Brave won. My sister and I liked it, but my parents didn't like it as much. I don't think I saw any of the other nominated movies. I wanted to see Wreck It Ralph though. Jennifer Lawrence looked really pretty. Most of the people looked nice. Nobody else really stood out though. Some of the dresses looked really nice from the front, but not so nice from the back. Even though I didn't see most of the movies I still enjoyed watching a good show.

Mom - I really looked forwarded to seeing the Oscars this year. I had actually seen a lot of the movies which were nominated which is unusual for me.  I did a good job of predicting the winners too. As soon as I saw Argo I thought it could win an Oscar because it was ultimately an uplifting movie and the critics and the audiences both loved it. I knew Daniel Day Lewis would win the Oscar as soon as I saw a commercial for Lincoln. I never actually saw the movie Lincoln though. My husband and I wanted to. We just never did. When I saw The Life of Pi, I was not that impressed with the movie. However, I thought that it was visually beautiful, and it would win an Oscar for best cinematography. It did. There were parts of Les Miserables I liked and parts I didn't but I knew Anne Hathaway would win an Oscar for her role of Fantine, and she did. The rest of the awards some I guessed right and some I didn't. Host, Seth McFarlane was at times funny and at times kind of offensive, but that is how Seth McFarlane is. If they expected anything else they should have hired somebody else. I liked the tribute to movie musicals because it was like a passing of the torch.  Catherine Zeta Jones who won a best supporting actress Oscar for Chicago sang, Jennifer Hudson who won a best supporting actress Oscar for Dreamgirls sang. Then, Anne Hathaway sang with her Les Miserables castmates and later that night she won a best supporting actress Oscar. I didn't really like the James Bond tribute. I guess they picked Goldfinger out of all the James Bond theme songs because that is one of the oldest ones, but I didn't really think Shirley Bassey sounded that good singing it. It is not my favorite James Bond theme anyway. I kind of like Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton better to name a few. I did like when Adele sang the Oscar winning Skyfall theme song though. I also liked that Adele is a woman who just had a baby and looks like someone who just had a baby. You don't often seen that in Hollywood. Of course, as always fashion was a big part of Oscar night. I do not so much care who is wearing who. I don't know that much about the different designers anyway. I just know what I like. This year the clothes and hair were for the most part nice, but none really stood out to me in a good way or a bad way. All in all, it was an enjoyable Oscars, and I was particularly glad to see that Argo won and that Jennifer Lawrence won for Silver Linings Playbook. However, the show itself was not particularly memorable.

And that's our view. What did you think was the best movie of 2012?