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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Me - I hate bugs. I only like a few of them. I like butterflies because they are pretty and colorful. I like ladybugs because they are pretty. Also, red is one of my favorite colors. I even have a ladybug game. I like caterpillars because they turn into butterflies. We had caterpillars in our classroom in Kindergarten. When they turned into butterflies we let them go. Some didn't want to go. We missed the butterflies when we let them go. I like fireflies. It is pretty the way they light up. I haven't really seen them in real life just in books and movies. My Mom says she saw a lot of fireflies when she was young. They would try to catch them and put them in jars. I would like to do that. I do not like most other bugs. I especially do not like bees, spiders, and every other bug except for the ones I said I like. They are creepy and scary!*

*The above is a guest post by little sister, Aurella as dictated to Mom.

Mom - I hate most bugs. I especially hate bees and wasps because they sting. I hate flies and ants because they are annoying. I  hate spiders because they are creepy. Our cat is fascinated by bugs. She always wants to chase them and swat at them. The first time she saw snow, when she was a baby, she was really excited because she thought it was millions of tiny white bugs falling from the sky. She just sat there starring out the window. Another time, when she was a baby, she actually killed a bumblebee. I came home from work, and it was lying on the rug next to a broken light bulb. There are a few bugs I do like. I like butterflies because they are pretty to look at. I like fireflies because I have good memories of trying to catch them and put them in a jar when I was a kid. I also like lady bugs. When Melia was little she went through a phase where she liked bugs. She especially liked worms and caterpillars, and she was always trying to collect them. One day, she came in really excited, and she wanted me to come outside and see something. I figured she was going to show me a bug or something. Instead, when I got outside, she pointed to this kid on a bicycle and she said "Look isn't he cute?" And, I thought 'Wow, she's really growing up' and when I told my husband what happened I think he was more afraid of the idea of our daughter growing up and dating than anybody ever was of any bugs.

And that's our view. What kind of bugs do you like or hate most?