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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Me - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, wow! I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I want every single Mary Kate and Ashley thing in the whole entire universe. I have already read a lot of their books. Mostly, I have read their mystery books and a few others, such as, some Full House books and some Two of a Kind books. I have also seen and own a lot of their movies and other videos both from when they were little and when they were older. Some of the movies I have are It Takes Two, The Challenge, New York Minute, Our Lips Are Sealed, Our Very First Video, and When in Rome. I also have a bunch of their CDs like Brother for Sale, I Am The Cute One, and Greatest Hits 1, 2 and 3, I like them both but I like Ashley a teeny bit better. I started liking them from watching Full House. They were so cute then. I own every season of Full House. In case, you are a regular reader and were worried, Full House is my favorite show again.

Mom- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were not very cute when they were first on Full House. By the second season of the show, they were adorable though. They were very cute throughout the rest of the run of the show. When the show ended and they first started doing movies and stuff together, they were still very cute. As they got older, they kind of lost of their appeal at least as far as I am concerned. They were not really that pretty, and they seemed kind of strange. I have seen a lot of their movies even the ones from when they were older because Melia likes them. The movies are okay, but nothing great. I also saw Mary Kate in Beastly, a movie she appeared in without Ashley. She was good in it, but she played a strange character. Their sister, Elizabeth is now an actress too. When I first saw her she looked a lot like them but prettier. When I saw her in a movie, she looked even more like them and did not look prettier. It may have been because of the part she was playing though. She was a better actress than either of her sister's too. Of course, in the movies I have seen Mary Kate and Ashley in neither of them every had much of a substantial role. However, I don't really see either of them as a very serious actress anyway. Besides, Ashley doesn't even act anymore, and it is not great loss to the acting world.

And that's our view. What stars do you think were cute when they were children but not as much when they were older?