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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Me - Commercials, wow! Some commercials I love. Some I hate. I love commercials that are for toys or have cute babies in them. Often commercials help me decide what I want for my birthday and the holidays. My sister wants everything she sees in every commercial. My Mom always says "Just tell me what you don't want, it's easier." I love the Capital One commercial where he says "Every little baby wants 50% more cash" but the baby always finds a way to say no. I also liked a commercial they had for some kind of Pepsi. In it, they had this baby who was doing all these cool tricks, but all the parents were paying attention to was the Pepsi. I only saw that commercial once or twice, but I really like it. A lot of commercials are boring and stupid. I hate those.

Mom - In general, I hate commercials. The fact that I almost always watch TV on my DVR and fast forward through the commercials is one of the best things about it. However, there are some commercials that I like. I like funny commercials. The old Staples commercial for the beginning of the school year where the father is dancing around and the kids are trudging dejectedly behind the cart as The Most Wonderful Time of the Year plays in the background comes immediately to mind. That is my favorite commercial of all time. I like commercials with catchy tunes. I love the old Oscar Mayer Weiner song. Pepsi and McDonalds have also had numerous catchy jingles over the years. There have been numerous other catchy commercial songs over the years as well. I also like a commercials with cute little kids. Currently, there are the Capital One commercials with Jimmy Fallon and the baby that always says no. Years ago, there was this commercial for Wonderbread with these two really cute little girls. That was one of my favorite commercials as well. I hate commercials that don't make any sense. Perfume commercials are notorious for this. I hate commercials where you have no idea what they are trying to sell you. Over all, the thing I hate most about commercials is the way the volume on commercials is so much louder than the volume of the show you are watching. Allegedly, the FCC passed some kind of rule that says that advertisers are no longer supposed to have the volume of the commercials so much louder than the volume of the shows. However, so far, I don't see (or rather hear) any difference.

And that's our view. What is your favorite commercial?