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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Theater Thursday - Adding Machine, A Musical


What: Adding Machine, A Musical

Where:  Finborough Theater' s YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIFH_mlEJ0o&t=219s

Who: Recommended for 12 and Up

When: Available Through November 12, 2020

Adding Machine is a musical based on the play of the same name by Elmer Rice. It is about an accountant who is replaced by an adding machine after 25 years at his job which enrages him so much that he murders his boss. It is a very unique show in a lot of ways. The story is unique, the set which includes a wading pool is unique, the music is unique. The latter is neither pretty nor memorable. It is actually mostly discordant like all of the parts of it don't quite fit together and also kind of haunting. The show is very dark both in subject matter and in the way the production is lit. It also contains some offensive language, and both because of that and the subject matter in general, it is definitely not for children. It is hard to feel anything for the characters because the story is so impersonal. Most of the characters don't even have names. They are referred to by a  number or by their job as in boss or fixer. The main character is Mr. Zero. The show is all about how impersonal life can be and how everyone is just a number especially in the age of machines.  If you like shows with deeper meanings which really make you think, you may enjoy it. Also, the ending although somewhat ambiguous is not entirely depressing so it is not a show that is just going to completely crush your soul and live you wondering why you watch ed it.  However, it is definitely not a show for everyone.

And that's our view.For more about Adding Machine and other Finborough Theater shows go to finboroughtheatre.co.uk/production/april-december-2020/ 

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  1. I had never heart of this before! Thanks for sharing.


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