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Monday, November 23, 2020

32nd Annual Festival of New Musicals

What: 32nd Annual Festival of New Musicals

Where: Broadway on Demand

When: This event occurred on November 19 and 20, 2020 (but will remain available for viewing on Broadway on Demand through November 29)

The National Alliance for Musical Theater (NAMT)'s  32nd Annual Festival of New Musicals was a little later than normal and a lot different than usual this year but just as exciting as ever. This year's event like so many others took place online instead of in person. Songs and excerpts from Six new musicals currently in development were presented, and the creators talked a little bit about their shows. As usual, the shows presented covered a wide range of subjects, styles, and musical genre. This years entries included an Acapella opera and a bilingual musical. It's good to know that even in this strange and difficult year, there are still new and exciting things happening in the world of musical theater. We hope to have the opportunity to see more of these new musicals in the future as they further develop and hopefully sometime make it to full production at a stage near us.

If you missed out on the festival for some reason and/or if you have always wanted to be a part of it but you have not able to because you don't live in the area or for some other reason, you are in luck. Because of the fact that everything was presented online this year instead of in person, both days of the festival will still be available for viewing on Broadway on Demand through November 29, 2020. Although signing up for a membership to Broadway on Demand is required, there is no fee required for membership. However, there is a required donation of $30  for accessing 1 day of the festival and $50 for accessing both days of the festival. For more information, to join Broadway on Demand and/or to register for access to the 32nd Annual Festival of New Musicals, visit www.broadwayondemand.com/subscribe?odrc=watch. For more more information about NAMT, visit https://namt.org.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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