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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Theater Thursday - Repeat Attenders

What: Repeat Attenders

Where: Broadway HD

Repeat Attenders

Repeat Attender is a 2020 documentary about people who become obsessed with a particular show and see it over and over again. We have seen shows two, three, and sometimes even four times, and we have met people at stage doors who have seen a show maybe even a few more times than that. However, these are people that have seen one particular show hundreds maybe even thousands of times. It is hard to believe that anyone could even afford that.

It is not always the people you would expect who become infatuated with  a show. It may seem like something that mostly young people would do. However, that is not always the case although for many people their obsession starts when they are teenagers and continues into adulthood.  It is not only the shows you would think that people would be obsessed with either. Sometimes, it depends where you live. One woman in Germany is obsessed with Starlight Express which apparently is the most successful show in Germany and has been running there since 1988.

 Just like with anything else, it seems like the line between being a big fan of a show and being an obsessive fan is all about balance. If you are obsessed with a show to the point that there is nothing else in your life then maybe that is a problem or if you are obsessed with a show to the point that you become dangerously stalkerish to a  performer (or the performers)  in that show than that is clearly a problem. However, the immediacy of Broadway makes the experience unlike anything else, and seeing an experience up there that you can really relate to can be a very cathartic experience for a lot of people. It does seem, however, that most people who are that extremely obsessed with one particular show or anything have something in their life that is missing that the show or whatever fulfills in some way for them. 

For more or to form your own opinions, watch Repeat Attender on Broadway HD.

And that's our view. Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

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