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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Theater Thursday - Buddy the Buddy Holly Story

What: Buddy The Buddy Holly Musical

Where: Broadway on Demand
             Finger Lakes Drive-In
             1064 Clark Street
              Aurelius, NY

When: Through September 16, 2020 only available on Broadway on Demand
            September 17 only available at the Finger Lakes Drive- In

Spoiler alert: If you are completely unfamiliar with Buddy Holly and his story and you want to see the show or watch the movie and be surprised you might not want to read further. However, if are at all, familiar with Buddy Holly, we do not mention anything in our review that you would not already know.

Our view: Buddy the Buddy Holly Story is a jukebox musical about the tragically short life of early rock pioneer, Buddy Holly. While much of the show plays like a concert, there is actually a story to the show.  The show is mostly upbeat and lively, particularly the musical sequences, although not always happy. The last third or so is completely heartwrenching just knowing how it is all going to turn out. The current production of the show by the Rev Theatre Co. is a delight.  Alec Michael Ryan does a terrific job of inhabiting the spirit of Buddy Holly. The music as played by the cast is great. All in all, it is a very enjoyable production.

And that's our view. 

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