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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What-To-Do Wednesday - Virtual Visits - The Warhawk Air Museum

If you want to get your dose of culture while being stuck inside, many museums and other attractions offer a variety of virtual exhibits. This is an especially great time to explore museums and attractions that are outside of your area and maybe even outside of your country that you ordinarily would not be able to get to because of time and/or money constraints. We will doing so as well, and we will be sharing one or more of our virtual visits in today's and future What-To-Do Wednesday posts.

What: The Warhawk Air Museum

Physical address: 201 Municipal Way
                               Nampa, ID

The Warhawk Air Museum was started in 1989 as place to preserve military history. It was originally meant to be a tribute to the veterans of World Wars I and II. It eventually grew to include other wars including the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War and even the Cold War. Currently, on the website, you can:

Watch a short video that gives a brief overview of the museum.

Take a 360 degree virtual Tour which includes the following sections:

World War I 

World War II  - This section is divided into several subsections regarding:

   Pearl Harbor  

   The Home Front

   Mothers Flags

   Marine Corps 

   P-51 Cabinet 

In this section you can also view a video about Maxine Randall, SP (T) 1/C US Navy WAVES.
The Cold War -  This section is also divided into several subsections regarding

    Props to Jets

    The Cold War Begins

    Korean War 
    The Cold War 

    The Vietnam War
    The Helicopter War
The Planes - In this section, you can view and learn a little bit about some of the planes in the museum's collection. 

You can learn even more about planes in the museum's collection in a different section of the website devoted to the aviation collection which includes pictures and detailed descriptions of various planes including those listed below:

P51- C Mustang


MIG 17

F104 Starfighter 

For more visit the Warhawk Air Museum website at warhawkairmuseum.org.*

Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

Stay well! Stay safe!

*This museum is currently open and in addition to a virtual visit if you live in the area, you can make an in person visit.

Photo credit: photo credit: Feggy Art P-51 Mustang-Duxford Oct 2010 via photopin (license)

Disclaimer: The photo pictured above is similar  model to a plane in the museum's collection but is not actually a plane in the collection

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