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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Theater Thursday - Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love

What: Bleeding Love, a podcast musical

Where: The Broadway Podcast Network (or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts)

Mom's view - Bleeding Love is short podcast musical consisting of three (3) approximately half hour episodes. It is a timely post-apocalyptic story about a world where it's dangerous to go outside. At it's heart, it's a  multilayered love story although at time its hard to keep in track of exactly who is in love with  who. The plot is very simple and at the same time kind of complicated. The main character is young girl named Bronwyn who is willing to risk everything to go outside for the boy she is in love with although he is alleged in love with somebody else. The story is very original although a bit hard to follow at times due to its rapid pace and the fact that obviously there are no visual clues to follow to help you keep track of the story. The music is pretty and the songs are lively and energetic. The songs don't exactly stick in your head though. The voice cast is filled with such Broadway favorites as the recent Oklahoma revival's, Rebecca Naomi Jones; Toostie's Sarah Stiles, and Taylor Trensch, who was most recently seen in Broadway's To Kill A Mockingbird. All in all, it's a decent musical and not a bad way to spend a little bit of time when you are stuck inside.

And that's Mom's view. Tune in Saturday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

Stay well! Stay safe!

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