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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Theater Thursday - Emma

What: Emma

Where: Steaming Musicals www.streamingmusicals.com/#!/browse/film/6604/emma

Mom's view: In addition to Pride and Prejudice which we previously spoke about there is also a musical version of Jane Austen's Emma available for purchase or rental through Streaming Musicals. The story which has been adapted numerous times arguably most famously in the 1995 movie, Clueless. It revolves around a woman named, Emma Woodhouse, who interferes in her friend, Harriet's life by trying to set her up a with a suitable husband. This show has some pretty songs and a few amusing ones, but on the whole, the songs are not as nice as the ones in Pride and Prejudice. Kelly Barrett does a nice job in the title role. She is particular good near the end when the character who has been bossy and opinionated and not always likeable to that point begins to show a little vulnerability and softness. Ms. Barrett does not have much chemistry with Timothy Gulan in the role of Mr. Knightley, however. The time period of the show has been updated to the 1960s. from the original 1800s setting of the novel. However, since only the clothes have been updated and dialogue is exactly the same as it would have been if the show had retained its original  time setting, there seems to be no point to the update. Although this is not the necessarily the best version of Emma that has been presented, it is for the most part a well acted entertaining show that is worth seeing.

And that's Mom's view.

For a preview of Emma go to youtu.be/ARi--JNdGWM

For more information about Emma or other streaming musicals or to buy or rent a show, visit www.streamingmusicals.com

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