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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tips for Tuesday: Books: More Than Love Music; Within Earshot Anthems for the In-Between

We may have been given a complimentary copy of any books and/or other products listed below for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Books: More Than Love

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Mom - Today I am recommending More Than Love by Natasha Gregson Wagner. Natasha Gregson Wagner is the daughter of Natalie Wood. This book is not just a biography of her mother, it is also Ms. Gregson Wagner's own story and to some degree  that of her stepfather, Robert Wagner and her younger sister, Courtney as well. Each of them was deeply affected by Natalie's death in their own way. Anyone who ever doubted Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner's love for each other or thought he could possibly have had anything to do with her 1981 drowning will come away from this book convinced of the former and disavowed of the latter.  All in all,  It is a very well written well balanced book. Although, the author clearly loved her mother very deeply and had a close relationship with her, the book is not an over sentimentalization portraying her mother as some angelic figure.  The author presents a very realistic view of her mother recognizing both her strengths and weaknesses. She also shines a spotlight on her own journey from over attached child to floundering motherless teenager and young adult to confident self-sufficient adult with a daughter of her own. It gives hope to anyone suffering a great loss particularly at such a young age that life continues and they will eventually be able to find their own way.

Within Earshot: Anthems For The In-Between

Music: Within Earshot Anthems for the In-Between

Mom - Today I am recommending Within Earshot Anthems for the In-Between. Within Earshot is a concept album for a show about a barista working in  a cafe overhearing all the ups and downs of the love lives of all the customers coming in and out of the cafe. The songs are their stories. The album is short and fun. It features some Broadway favorites including Krysta Rodriguez of Spring Awakening and The Addams Family, Andy Mientus of Spring Awakening and TV's Smash and Bonnie Milligan of Head Over Heels  as well as other esteemed Broadway performers. The highlight of the album is the bouncy upbeat title tune Anthem for the In-Between with its meaningful lyrics which  are basically a call to be who you are and love who you love. The other songs represent people in various stages of relationships: contemplating a relationship that could be (End Up Together), Trying to keep a relationship going  (Pulled Back Down), contemplating the end of  a relationship (When You Go), and reflecting on  a past relationship while looking forward to a future one (Whoever You Might Be). All in all, it is an engaging and relatable album.

To find out more about Within Earshot Anthems for the In-Between or to purchase it, visit iTunesAmazon Music or  Google Play

And that's the scoop. Tune in tomorrow for What-To Do Wednesday.

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