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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and Academy of Natural Sciences Sleepover

We were given a free tickets to The Academy of Natural Sciences and a free sleepover at The Academy of Natural Sciences for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Where: Drexel University
             1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
             Philadelphia, PA

Who: All ages       
Me - The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University was fun. It was a science museum. They had a lot of dinosaurs. There was a model of a Triceratops. That one was really cute. By one of the entrances, there was a dinosaur wearing a scarf and a hat, and they were the color of Hufflepuff House from Harry Potter. That was cool because I love Harry Potter. They had a Tyrannosaurus Rex. There was a Corythosarus and Albertosarus. My sister loves the Corythosarus. We also saw one at the American Museum of Natural History everytime she sees one she takes a pictures with the same pose. There was an area where you could go inside and stand in front of a green screen and then take pictures, and it looked like you were with the dinosaurs. Me and my sister took a bunch of cool pictures. There was a place were little kids can dig for dinosaur bones. There were some pretty crystals. There were shells. There was a thing that looked like a treadmill and you could walk on it and it would be like walking like a dinosaur. My sister thought it was hard but it was easy. There was also a big brass pretend turtle and some living turtles too. The living turtles were my favorite part of the museum. There was also some real frogs. There were pretend dinosaurs eggs. There was a whole room of butterflies. They were really pretty. People who are interested in science and especially dinosaurs would enjoy this museum.
Mom - If you are interested in dinosaurs, you will love the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University. More than 30 species of dinosaurs are represented in their Dinosaur Hall. There are also several interactive exhibits where you can learn what its like to walk like a dinosaur, or dig for dinosaur bones among other things. There are also numerous dioramas of various animals and birds including bears, tigers, and gorillas. There are also live animals at the museum including lizards, turtles and frogs. There is even a garden of butterflies with a large variety of species of butterflies as well as at least one species of moth. For younger children in addition to the live animals, there is a whole section of nature related books and toys which are part of the Outside In exhibit which also includes the live animals. The museum itself is not very large compared to some other museums of this type so it should not take more than a few hours to go through depending how long you choose to take in each section. They also offer numerous events and programs for children and adults of all ages including camps, sleepovers (for more about that see below), birthday parties, talks, lectures, and clubs. All in all, the Academy of Natural Sciences is a great place for both learning and fun.
For more information about The Academy of Natural Sciences or to order tickets online, visit www.ansp.org.

What: Night in the Museum at the Natural Academy of Sciences

Where: Drexel University
             1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
             Philadelphia, PA

Who: Children ages 4-16 with  at least one (1) parent or guardian per three (3) children

When: 2018 Nights in the Museum events are scheduled for the following dates:
            February 10
            March 17
            April 21     
Me  & Mom - The sleepover at the Academy of Natural Sciences was fun too. We had a lot of time to walk around and explore the museum. Unlike at some museum sleepovers, most of the museum was open for the sleepover. Only the Butterfly section was closed until the morning. They had a flashlight scavenger hunt. You had to find different dinosaurs and write down the leters you found. When you found all the letters and figured out the coded message, you got a prize. They had a snack. It was a bag of chips and an apple. Also, there were drinks. There was water, lemonade, and coffee.They had a live animal show. The animal was an owl. It was so cute. It reminded us of Hedwig in Harry Potter. We slept in the mezzanine level in front of some the exhibits. The floor was really hard. We went to bed a little earlier and got up a little later then at a lot of the museum sleepovers we've been to so we were able to get more sleep than at most museum sleepovers. In the morning, they served breakfast. There were bagels and cereal. Also, there was milk, orange juice and coffee. After breakfast. the butterfly exhibit was open. It was really hot in there but the butterflies were so beautiful. There were also a couple giant moths. They were so big. They were the biggest species of moth. You had to get your stuff out of the museum by 9:00 AM, but you could comes to the museum after and stay the entire day if you wanted. All in all, it was a really fun sleepover, and we would really recommend you go.

For more information about sleepovers at The Academy of Natural Sciences or to register for one, visit www.ansp.org/programs-and-events/family-programs/night-in-the-museum.

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