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Monday, January 22, 2018

Let's Talk About Friends

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Me - Friends, wow! For a while, Friends was my favorite show until I discovered How I Met Your Mother. Now, I think Friends is a decent show. It is pretty funny. The characters can be really annoying very often though. Monica is way way competitive and she is a perfectionist. Also, she is a clean freak. Ross is a doofus, but he can also be very pretenious, and he always corrects people. Rachel just gets on my nerves in ways that I can't explain. She is just kind of annoying. I thought Joey was the worst  womanizer until I saw Barney on How I Met Your Mother. Joey is like the most romantic guy in the world compared to Barney. However, he is still a womanizer and that bothers me. It also bothers me that he is obssessed with food but never gets fat and that he is so stupid. Phoebe used to be my favorite character. I was even even her for Halloween once. However, she can be kind of mean. Chandler is my favorite character, and the only one that doesn't annoy me. It bothers me that all the other characters are always being mean to him.*

* The above is a guest post by older sister, Melia.


Mom - I saw the pilot episode of Friends when it was originally on. I was not that impressed. After that, I watched  the show on and off. When they started the Ross and Rachel storyline I started watching regularly. I pretty much watched for the rest of the run of the series. I liked the whole Rachel and Ross storyline well enough. However, I liked the Monica and Chandler storyline much better. Chandler was always my favorite character on the show anyway. All the other ones got on my nerves at times. Joey could be too stupid. Ross could be too prentious. Monica could be too over the top and competative. Phoebe could be too mean. Rachel could be just too much. However, I always liked Chandler. The season when Monica and Chandler were having a secret affair was my favorite ever. I love the episode where Chandler kept forgetting and kissing Monica every time he left so to cover up he kept having to kiss Rachel and Phoebe too. I loved the episode when Joey found out about Monica and Chandler. I loved the episode when Rachel found out. I loved the episode when Phoebe and then Ross found out. One thing I didn't like about Friends is the way they seemed to change things as they went along. In the pilot, they implied that Rachel and Monica knew each other from high school, but they were not good friends. Then, they started having all these flashbacks that implied they were always good friends and they double dated to the prom. I guess it is hard to keep track of the history of a show especially when it is on for so many years and has a lot of different writers. It is still kind of annoying though, and there are other shows that were on for many years which did not have inconsistencies like this.

Friends the Musical Parody, a musical based on the TV show is currently running at St. Lukes Theatre located at 308 W. 46th St, New York, NY. For more about that see our previous post Saturday Special: Friends the Musical.

Who is your favorite (or least favorite) Friends character and why?