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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Where-To-Go Wednesday - City of Angels and The Woodsman

We were given free tickets to City of Angels. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.
What: City of Angels

Where: Kelsey Theatre
             1200 Old Trenton Road
             West Windsor, NJ

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday through May 15, 2016

Who: Teens and up
Mom's view: City of Angels is a show within a show. It is the story of a novelist named Stine, and it is also the story of  a movie being made from his book about a detective named Stone. Stine and Stone are played by different actors but all other actors play both characters in Stine's real life as well as characters in the movie. On Broadway, the show was a delight full of amusing dialogue, fun characters and a  jazzy score full of songs that were actually memorable. Having seen and loved the show on Broadway, I was not sure that the show would work in community theater. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Kelsey Theater does an admirable job with the show. The acting is good for the most part and the singing voices are beautiful. The show is just as unique and fun as ever. This show is not recommended for young children due to subject matter involving both sex and violence. There is a lot of sexual innuendo, as well as some incidences of women in skimpy clothing, and characters in bed together. The violence includes gun shots, and characters getting beat up although no visible signs of the violence appear except that one character walks around with a bandage on his face for a while. All in all, if you are not a young child, you shouldn't let these things keep you from seeing this show or you will be missing a hilarious and extremely entertaining show.
We were given free tickets to Woodsman for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.
What: The Woodsman

Where: New World Stages
             340 W. 50th St.
             New York, NY

When: Through May 29, 2016

Who: 10 and up
Mom's view: The Woodsman is a very different kind of show than what most people are used to. It is a play although there is hardly any dialogue in it. It isn't a musical although there is a lot of music in it. The music includes both characters singing and a violinist on stage who plays throughout the show. The songs in this show don't exactly tell the story, they are just part of the story.  The words don't reveal anything about the plot. They are just songs that the characters happen to be singing in the show.  The Woodsman is mostly a sweet but sad love story. It is the story of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz and his life before he became a tin man. It tells of the great love of his life and how it led to his becoming a tin man. The story is told mostly through movement and song and puppetry. The characters of the Witch and the Tin Man are both portrayed by puppets. The Tin Man before he becomes tin is played by a person as are the other characters in the show. The show is not for young children as there are some parts that would probably scare them such as when the witch puppet flies out over the audience. The show probably would not interest them anyway. Tweens and teens might like it especially those that love romance except those that don't like stories that don't  necessarily end happily.  You really have to pay attention to know what is going on this show. The action tells the story. That may be too much for some people who don't really want to think when they go to the theater, but just want to sit back and relax and be entertained mindlessly. However, anyone who thinks that way and passes up this show because of it will miss the opportunity to see very unique theatrical experience. 

And that's Mom's view. Tune in to tomorrow's Talking Topics post for more about City of Angels and The Woodsman.

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