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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Special - My Trip to Meet Peyton Meyer

Today's post is a guest post by Paige M. the daughter of the winner of our Peyton Meyer Meets & Greet ticket giveaway.

Who is Peyton Meyer?

Peyton Meyer is a famous celebrity on Disney channel. He tried out for over 205 auditions for tv shows before succeeding. Disney channel welcomed him in as a new actor, they believed he had the talent. You can see Peyton on Dog With A Blog as Wes (just some of the episodes are:“Howleen," “Good Girl Gone Bad," “Too Short," “Lost in Stanstaion," “Avery B. Jealous,and many more episodes.)You can also see Peyton, on Disney’s
Girl Meets World. He was up for just a one-episode-character named Charlie Fryer, but Disney made him an every-episode-character and changed his name into Lucas Fryer instead of it being Charlie Fryer.


Full name: Peyton Gram Meyer

Birthday: November 24,1998 

Lives: Las Vegas, Nevada


Freehold, New Jersey. The ride was quite long, but it was worth it! The ride was 2 ½ hours. I have been on 6 car rides, but this felt super long, all the suspense was getting to me. I was however confused when I got to our destination because it was at iPlay America. The inside is kind of like a board walk! There were indoor carnival and amusement park rides, laser tag, an arcade too! There was also a candy shop.(bowling alley too)

Why did I get to go?

I got to go to see Peyton as an early graduation gift. Very, very early. Shout out to one amazing mom and super amazing, and awesome blog, “Says Me Says Mom”.

After the red carpet…

After the red carpet, I got a picture with a signed autograph of Peyton Meyer. Then, my mom and I went and had a fun day at iPlay America! When I was in line for a ride, I saw Peyton Meyer! He was going to the go karts, so… I ran over and yelled “HI PEYTON” and he said hi and waved back and he was looking at me and I was the only one who said that… embarrassing but WORTH IT!

Thank you for your time!

Congratulations again to Paige & Elizabeth M., and we thank Paige for sharing her experience with us.

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Tune in tomorrow for this week's Sunday scoop.

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