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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tips for Tuesday - Books : Finger Print Books

We were given Finger Print Monsters and Dragons and Finger Print Princesses and Fairies for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.

Me - Today I am recommending Finger Print books illustrated by Ilona Molnar. These are a good books. Finger printing is a good thing to do with your kids. You can either use an ink pad or watercolor paint on your fingers to create finger print drawings It was really fun using this book. I had a lot of fun creating finger prints. There are a lot of different creations you can make just using your fingers and writing utensil.There are lot of cute creations that you can make in these books.

Mom - Today I am also recommending Finger Print books illustrated by Ilona Molnar. These book are great for children of all ages. Older kids can create fingerprint pictures on their own. Younger kids can create finger print pictures with help. The possible finger print drawings to create range from simple one finger print drawings to more complex drawings using two, three or even more finger prints. This makes the book suitable and fun for children of all skill levels.  Whatever a child is into, one of the books will probably have something that interests him or her. While one book is called Monsters and Dragons and the other is called Princesses and Fairies, there are also other subjects covered in the books including things like robots and animals,  Each books starts with easy general instructions regarding how to create finger print drawings and that is followed by over 100 possible fingerprint creations to make. The books are divided into sections by subject to make finding a fingerprint drawing suited to a child's interest even easier. The books also contain background pages, so a child can create fingerprint drawings right in the book and make a story out of them or alternatively, finger print drawings can be created on separate pieces of paper outside of the book. Either way these interactive books can literally be hours of fun.
And that's our view. For more about finger print drawing see this week's Funtivity Friday. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

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