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Thursday, April 28, 2016

NBC Studio Tour and The Commedia Cinderella

We were given a free NBC Studio Tour for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.
Me - The NBC Studio Tour was so much fun.We followed the tour guides all around, and they told us interesting facts and showed us things. I liked how we got to see the sets of some of the talk shows and Saturday Night Live. We actually got to go on Seth Myers set and the Nightly News set. We didn't go to on the Saturday Night Live set but we got to look at it. I thought it was the biggest single room I've ever seen. I liked that we got to see the control rooms and things. That was cool. One of my favorite things was that we got to learn a lot of interesting facts. For instance, Seth Myers set is on a floating floor. They had to put in extra concrete between his floor and Jimmy Fallon's floor so they don't hear each other when they are taping. There were a lot of pictures of people who were on Saturday Night Live or are on Saturday Night Live now. There was one hall where on one side there were pictures of former Saturday Night Live actors and skits that had been performed on the show, and on the other there were pictures of  current Saturday Night Live actors and skits. We even got to make our own pretend talk show with the people on our tour and it was recorded for all of us and they sent it to us by e-mail. It was a very exciting and interesting tour.*

We were given free tickets to The Commedia Cinderella for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.
Me- I liked The Commedia Cinderella. It was good. It was really funny. It's not like any Cinderella I have ever seen before. For one thing instead of the Fairy Godmother changing Cinderella into something beautiful she changed her into looking like a clown. Instead of glass slippers, she had clown shoes. Cinderella was not really princessy. She was tough and independent, but she still went for the prince. The stepsisters were really funny especially because they were played by guys. They acted like typical teenagers. They did stuff like try to outdo each other all the time and try to be better than each other. Also, they were gossipy. One of the funny parts was when the Fairy Godmother came in on roller skates to the song Xanadu. I liked that they kept bringing phrases from movies and other stories and bits of songs and other things into the show. It was hilarious, and I really recommend you see it.*

*The above posts are by Aurella.

Photo credits: All NBC Studio Tour photos supplied by NBC
                       All The Commedia Cinderella photos supplied by the RagTag Theatre Company

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  1. I love seeing plays. This looks like a fun show for the family to see. thanks

    1. Your welcome! We love seeing plays too and The Commedia Cinderella really was an extremely entertaining show. Thank you for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.