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Monday, April 11, 2016

Guest Post - 10 Parenting Hacks You Need to Know

It seems that when we have children, the days feel like years but the years feel like days. Despite how busy and overwhelmed we are, we still want to relish every second we have in watching our children grow up to be happy and healthy human beings.

What we don’t need to do is to spend an hour every day convincing them to eat their veggies or being woken up by them every night because they think there is a monster in their room. If you have children, then you have already established the fact that no matter how much you try, you cannot control everything and everyone but the following points feature some tricks to help facilitate your day while making your child happy.

1) Identity bracelet: Whether you are heading to the park or to run errands, your child will tend to wonder. Create a bracelet for your kids with your telephone number just in case they are ever lost.

2) Chai seeds for sprinkles: Kids love sprinkles but the latter are loaded with sugar. Rather than being the parent who always says no, ask your children whether they want sprinkles with their cereal, their ice cream and even their vegetables, then sprinkle chai seeds which are loaded with fiber and antioxidants. The best part of it is, they look very much like sprinkles!

3) Monster spray: Monsters should be taken seriously in any household when a child says there is one. Grab an open spray bottle filled with water and label it ‘monster spray’ for any creature emergency.

4) Pool noodle for the bed: If your child is falling out of bed, place a pool noodle under a fitted sheet to prevent them from falling off.

5) The egg-timer game: When you want to rush your kids to clear up their toys use an egg timer to test them and turn the chore into a game.

6) Maternity pillows: Breastfeeding your baby takes up a lot of hours of your day so make sure you are comfortable so that you will feel less frustrated. Investing in breastfeeding pillows that ease the weight of your baby for you is a great hack.

7) Trace their feet: Shoe shopping is not as appealing to a child as it would be to us. Rather than having a child running around a shoe shop with bare feet while you find the perfect pair, trace your childs feet and go shoe shopping by yourself for a calmer shopping outing.

8) Spray bottle for hot days: On hot summer days, seat belts in the car are scorching hot. Keep a spray bottle filled with water so you can spray the seatbelts for your child.

9) Use a stability ball: Having your child sit on a stability ball rather than a regular chair when doing homework is a great idea to help them better concentrate as well as enable them to have better posture.

10) A mothers smell: Leaving your baby with a caregiver so you can head back to work can be extremely difficult for you and your child. A way to ease your mind and comfort your child is by taking a piece of your clothing and placing it in your babys cot or playpen. Your baby will smell your scent and feel comforted.*

*The above is guest post by Regina Due of milkandlove.com/au

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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