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Monday, May 18, 2015

Top Ten Glee Episodes

To celebrate the release of Glee the Complete Series on DVD, which will occur tomorrow. This week's Talking Topics posts will focus one last time on Glee. This post may contain affilate links, if you click on a link and make a purchase, we will be compensated.
Me - Glee best episodes, wow! Here are five in no particular order.
The Pilot - It is the first episode and sets everything up.  You can sort of see where the show is heading. Also, it is the first time they sing Don't Stop Believing, pretty much the theme song of Glee. In our opinion, it is the best version of that song.
Regionals - Even though New Directions doesn't end up winning the competition, there is so much to love about this episode. Rachel kisses Finn for the first time. Finn tells her loves her. The scene where the Glee club tells Mr. Schue what Glee Club has meant to them and sing To Sir With Love  to him makes us want to cry.  It is also touching when Mr. Schue sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow to the kids in the group.
New York  - Once again, New Directions did not win the competition. However, literally right in the middle of the competition, Finn and Rachel kissed and got back together
Promasaurus - Rachel never looked more beautiful than she did in this prom episode. She was literally glowing. Also, Quinn and Santana actually did something nice for Rachel.
Nationals - They finally won it all. After that the rest of the series was unnecessary although there were still a few more good episodes.

Mom- Here are five more of the best Glee episodes in no particular order
Sectionals  -  Their first competition, and they won. Also, the first time the whole time group sings Don't Stop Believing.
Furt - Even though they probably got the idea from a viral video on YouTube, we still love all the kids dancing down the aisle to Marry You at the wedding of Kurt's father and Finn's mother. Another highlight is when Finn sings Just the Way You Are to his new stepbrother, Kurt.
Funeral - The Glee Club does something nice for Sue despite how mean she always is to them. Their singing of Pure Imagination at her sister's funeral is really beautiful. Also, you can literally see the moment when Finn realizes he is meant to be with Rachel.
The Quarterback - Beautifully done tribute episode. Sad enough to make us cry but not morbid. The choice to focus on Finn's death and not what caused it was a good one.
The 100th - A lot of former stars of the show returned for this episode, and we enjoyed the updates of songs previously done on the show as well as some of the new songs performed in the episode especially Happy.

And that's our view. What are your favorite Glee episodes?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday and for a final wrap-up on Glee see Thursday's Talking Topics post.

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