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Friday, May 22, 2015

Funny Friday - All Clean

Me -

When my sister was 1, we were out to dinner. She kept pointing to the napkins. Finally, my Mom gave her one. Surprisingly, instead of putting it in her mouth, she wiped her hands. Then, she crumbled up the napkin and still didn't put it in her mouth but handed it back to our Mom. She was so proud of herself that she pointed to the pile of napkins again until Mom gave her another napkin. Then, she wiped her hands, crumbled up the napkin, and handed the napkin to Mom again. She kept repeating the whole thing over and over again until she used up the whole pile of napkins.

Mom -

When my cousin was little she spilled some potato chips on the carpet. Somebody took the dustbuster and cleaned them up. My cousin was so fascinated that she took some more potato chips and spilled them on the carpet then cleaned them up with the dustbuster herself. Then, she did it again and again and again until the whole basket of potato chips was gone.

photo credit: Cassidy Cleans via photopin (license)

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