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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Glee and Bad Glee or What Went Wrong for a Show That Started Out So Great

Me -Good Glee, double wow! When Glee was good, it was one of the best shows on televison. Here are somethings that were great about Glee:

They had all kinds of different characters: black, white, latin /straight, gay/ able bodied, disabled, etc.

They showcased all kinds of music including rock, gospel, show-tunes, hip hop,  and rap. Some of which you don't hear in television that much.

They were a voice for underdogs or anyone who ever felt they didn't fit in anywhere.

They had some of the best couples ever on TV especially Finn and Rachel whose chemistry was so real they dated in real life. 

I just loved everything about Glee. To me and a lot of other people it was literally the best show ever on television.
Mom -  Bad Glee or what went wrong with Glee:

They got rid of two many characters and brought on too many news ones too quickly.   If they gained a few and lost a few characters every year as shows like ER have done sucessfully in the past, it would be easier for audiences to accept. Calling the first episode of season 4, The New Rachel and trying to cram Melissa Benoist down the audiences throat as the new Lea Michele did not help.

After they won the National Championships, there was nowhere for the show to go.
If they had thought about splitting an actual year into two television years earlier in the shows run, the show would have been better longer.

Even though the show went on after the death of Corey Monteith, his death left a void that was too big to fill. Even according to show creator, Ryan Murphy, Rachel and Finn were ultimately meant to be reunited. The fact that they never could because of Montheith's death also meant that there could never be a truly completely satisfying end to the show. Rachel ending up with Jesse was just not the same.

Glee when it was bad made me miss Glee when it was good even more.

And that's our view. What do you think was good and bad about Glee?

photo credit: glee live! at the Honda Center in Anaheim via photopin (license)

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