We are a mother and daughter who both love to write. We decided to start this blog so we could spend time together doing something
we both love and share it with you. We specialize in reviewing fun places to go and fun things to do, but we talk a little bit about everything.
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Monday, May 5, 2014


Me - Moms, wow! I love my Mom. My Mom is fun. I like to hang out with my Mom and do stuff with my Mom. We spend a lot of time together because we blog together. Ever since, I was a baby I've been really close with my Mom. We watch a lot of movies together. We watch Nashville together. Nobody else in the family likes it. We read a lot of the same books whether we are reading a book together to review for the blog or we just read the same book separately. Then, we talk about the books we read. We talk about a lot of things. We talk about so many things going from topic to topic so fast that when my Dad is around, he can't even keep up. We do a lot of fun things. Sometimes, we go places. I love my Mom.

Mom - When I was young, I was always closer to my Dad. My Mom was the serious one. My Dad was the fun one. As I got older, I became closer to  my Mom. I guess when I got married and had kids I gained a new appreciation for my mother. I could relate to her more. Once I got married,  it wasn't that my mother didn't worry about me anymore. I mean once you are a mother, you are always a mother and you worry about your kids no matter how old they are. It just wasn't as much of a nagging worry. Of course, my Mother doesn't just worry about me she worries about all of us not just my Dad, my brother and sister and I and not just our kids (her grandkids), but the extended family as well: aunts, uncles, and cousins too. She even worries about her friends and their families. My Mom is the kind of person people going to when they are having a crisis, and my Mom is always there for them. She is the center of our family as was her mother before her. We almost  always have family gatherings at her house. In some ways, I am like my mother.  I am organized like her. In other ways, I am not like her at all. I am not always good in a crisis, and I don't excel at family gatherings like my Mom does. I appreciate that my Mom is good at those things. I am sure I don't always show it, however,  I do appreciate all she does for me and for everyone else in our family. We are all lucky to have her.

And that's is our view. What is (or was) your favorite thing about your Mom?

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