I started this blog with one daughter, kept it up with the other, to spend time together doing something we enjoyed.
However, things change and people evolve. My daughters are older, busier, and not as interested in writing.
From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
Nothing else will change. We'll still focus on sharing fun places to go, fun things to do, and more, and we would  still love to hear your views too

Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to 2014

Me - 2014, wow! I think back to not only this year and last year, but my whole life, and there are so many things to be thankful for. I really truly love my life. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my school. I love my room. I love my toys. There are just so many great things that I have to be thankful for. In 2014, I already know that there are places we are going to be going thanks to the blog. I'll have a choir concert in school. I'll spend time with my Mom and Dad and my sister. I'll play with our kittens. My birthday will be coming up soon. This year, I am going to try to read more even though I already read a lot.I am going to try to be a better student even though I am a good student now. I am going to try not to procrastinate so much.  I am going to try to exercise every day and spend less time with electronics. I am really looking forward to the rest of 2014.

Mom - Well, here is it another year. While there were a few great things about last year like how much our blog has grown and how many wonderful opportunities we've had because of it, there were also a lot of not so good things that happened which I am happy to be passed. In this New Year, there are already many things to look forward to. We are already going to to two Broadway shows this week alone. We already have a bunch of other places to visit so far this year too, and there will be lots of good places to talk about in our Where-To-Go Wednesday posts. I have lots of books to read both on my kindle and off. There are movies to look forward to seeing. There are TV shows to watch. There are stories to write for my younger daughter on our other blog, Stories for Aurella. There are sunny days coming eventually and spring and summer. Before that, there is Melia's birthday and then mine and then our kittens will turn 1. Later more toward the end of the year, will be Aurella and my husband's birthdays. There are people to meet and places to go and lots more blogging to do. Unfortunately, not all of the bad things from last year have been resolved and there are still some very worrisome things hanging over our heads. However, at this moment I am feeling mostly hopeful and optimistic, and I am looking forward to so many things.

And that's our view. What are you looking forward to this year?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.