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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's 2014

Me - New Year's 2014, wow! This year my aunt and uncle and cousin came over. We had Wendy's for dinner. It was really good. They stayed for like five hours. The adults talked. My sister and my cousin and I went in the basement and hung out. Then, they left. My Mom and Dad watched TV upstairs in their room. My sister watched TV downstairs in the living room. She doesn't like to be alone so I sat on the couch by her and read my book. Then, my Mom and Dad came downstairs. We were all going to sleep in the living room  in sleeping bags by the fire. My Mom's back hurt so she slept on the loveseat. My Dad didn't have a sleeping bag so he had to share with my sister. She didn't want to sleep on the floor alone. I slept on the couch because I don't have a sleeping bag either. We really need to get new sleeping bags. Happy New Year's Everybody!

Mom - This New Year's was very low key. It wasn't the best ever. It wasn't the worst ever. It was much better than last year when some people we knew pretty much invited themselves to stay over our house. This year our very best friends who are like family to us came over. We brought in Wendy's for dinner. They stayed a few hour, but not until midnight because they had a long drive. After, we watched TV for a while. Closer to midnight, the girls and I made popcorn. We sat in the living room and watched the New Year's ball drop in Time Square's on Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest. My husband lit a fire in the fireplace. Even though the fire never got going really well, we still slept around the fireplace. We didn't have enough sleeping bags though because we had to throw some of our old ones out. Melia and I slept on the couch and loveseat respectively. I prefer sleeping on the couch or the loveseat anyway. My husband and Aurella slept on the floor. It was nice having less people on the floor because we didn't have to move as much furniture as we usually do. I especially didn't want to have to move the table because my back had been bothering me the last couple of days. Anyway, that was my New Year's.

And that's our view. How was your New Year's?

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