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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tips for Tuesday - Movies: Legally Blonde and Last Vegas

Me - Today I am recommending Legally Blonde. It is a really good movie. It is about a woman who gets into a really good law school so she can win her boyfriend back. It was funny. I liked the cast. I like the way she proves to herself that she is good for things other than being pretty. I liked that it shows that hard works really does payoff. I would definitely recommend.

Mom - Today I am recommending Last Vegas. From the commercials it looked like this movie had the potential to be a really stupid over the top comedy. While there were moments that could be considered that way, over all, it was a smart funny movie. On the surface, it was a movie about four old friends uniting for a bachelor party. In reality, it was about much more than that. Each of the men had an issue in his life related to getting older that he was dealing with. I like that the women in the movie were not all hot twenty year olds either. Mary Steenburgen and Joanna Gleason both in their 60s also played important roles in the film. However, we will really have come a long way, when we see a movie of this kind with four women in the starring roles. I still did enjoy this move though. Besides, who could turn down the rare chance to see 4 of our greatest actors starring in one movie. I would highly recommend it.