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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Candy Kisses by Jean C. Gordon

Me - Candy Kisses, wow! Candy Kisses was a really good book. It is a love story of a girl named Candy and a guy named Mike. I liked the character of Candy.  I didn't like her brothers. They annoyed me. They were too overprotective. It made the characters seem more real, but it was just annoying. They were typical older brother's protective of their little sister. Not like my older brother, however. I liked that Candy didn't let her brothers push her around. As the story went on, her character became stronger and she knew what she wanted more.  I also liked the character of Mike. He was nice. He was romantic. He was manly but not too tough or bossy. The whole story was very romantic. I like it when friends end up dating. I hate it when you know characters belong together, but they won't admit to each other. I like it when it works out in the end though. This book is a really sweet love story.

Mom - Candy Kisses is the story of Candy and Mike. They are housemates. They make a bet that every time, one of them gets kissed, they have to place candy kisses in a candy dish based on how good the kiss was on a scale from one to five. At the end of the bet, whoever has placed the most kisses in the candy dish wins. However, the problem is that they each separately discover that they would rather be kissing each other, but for various reasons they are afraid to tell each other. This is a really sweet romantic story. The characters were all very likeable and their actions were understandable. Even when you would have liked to change their actions, it was very understandable in terms of the story why the characters would react they way they did. While Candy and Mike were well drawn characters, the secondary characters were a little weak. They were very one note and not as well drawn. There was the demanding boss, the overprotective brothers, the loving father (Candy's), the not so loving father (Mike's), the supportive best friend etc..  The one thing that was different was that the supportive friend was a friend of both Candy and Mike. In general, the supporting characters did serve to move the story along, but they didn't seem as real as Candy and Mike. Ultimately, however, of course, it was Candy and Mike's story. The two of them were mostly a very likeable pair, and you couldn't help rooting for them. If you are looking for a a  really sweet love story that you know is going to turn out right, this book is a good choice.

And that's our view. What is the best book you've read lately?

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Disclosure: We were given a copy of Candy Kisses for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are our own based on reading the book.