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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Me - Pippin, wow! Pippin was a great Broadway show. I loved it. It was so funny. It was like one big circus. I liked the music also. I liked when they were using this person as a human jump rope. I liked the part where a guys head was in a chest and it was still talking and everything. When they accidentally let go, it would say "Falling,! Falling!", and then would have to put it back again. I still don't understand why they call the main woman in the show "the leading player." All the characters are funny. I don't have a favorite. My favorite song is No Time At All, but I like them all. I like the words and music of No Time At All, and also  I like that the audience gets to sing along for part of it. I also like what the Grandma said during the song. Not all her words are on the CD though so if you want to get the full effect of it, you have to go see the show. There really wasn't very much of a plot. I did like the way Pippin learns to live in the moment and that you don't have to do something different every day to love your life. However, mostly the whole show makes no sense to anybody that sees it. Despite, that it is a great great show. When I first heard about it, I thought it was going to be a completely realistic bloody war story. It turned out, it was not. It was completely unrealistic. It was not  bloody or gory at all. It was just a lot of fun.

Mom - We were fortunate enough to be invited to a blogger day at Pippin the Broadway musical. I had always loved the show, but had never seen it professionally performed before. Although this new version differed somewhat from the original version which I had previously seen in Community Theater and on video, it was still quite enjoyable. Even though the plot doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense at times, Pippin is still one of the most fun shows you can see. It is also one of the those rare musical along with Godspell and Xanadu where the cast seems to be having as fun a time being in the show as the audience does watching it. That makes for a really special experience. This particular experience was even more special for us because after the show we were given the opportunity to speak with a couple of the actresses in who were in the show. Charlotte D'Amboise played Fastrada, Pippin's stepmother and Rachel Bay Jones played his love interest, Catherine. Both were very down-to-earth and graciously answered our questions. They even posed for a picture with the group. However, unfortunately, we had to leave prior to that time and were unable to be a part of the picture.

And that's our view. What is particularly special experience you had that you remember?