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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Me -Wicked, wow! I love the show Wicked. I saw it with my grandparents.  I wish I could have seen it when the original wicked witch, Idina Menzel was in the show. She won a Tony for her role. My aunt was actually friends with her when they were younger. I wish I could have seen Kristin Chenowith as Glinda. In Wicked the wicked witch is called Elphaba. They really do a good job of making Elphaba green. The person who I saw play Glinda was really good. I don't know her name. I didn't like the character of Fiero. I didn't like the song Elphaba sang where she mentioned his name. It was kind of scary. Some other parts were scary too. That's why my little sister, Aurella hasn't seen the show. She scares easily. I liked the sets of the show. The costumes were okay. I don't really remember much about them. I liked the music. My favorite song is Defying Gravity. They sang it on Glee too, but I like the version from Wicked better. I also really like the song What is This Feeling. The acting was good although I don't remember that much about it because I saw it when I was a lot younger. Everyone should see Wicked if they have the chance, but don't bring little kids they might get scared. I would never want to see a little child get scared.

Mom - I love the show Wicked. I saw it on Broadway a long time ago when it was still in previews. I was lucky enough to see the original cast which included Idina Menzel in her Tony winning role as Elphaba, Kristin Chenowith as Glinda, and Joel Grey as the Wizard. My sister actually knew Idina Menzel and was friends with her when they were younger. They knew each other from school and later from camp. They kept passing through each other's lives. When Idina was in Rent, we were lucky enough to go backstage after the show and see her and get her to sign my Dad's Rent poster. I enjoyed seeing her again in Wicked, but my husband and I were there without my sister and we didn't really know Idina so we didn't go backstage that time. I especially love the music in Wicked. After we saw the show, we got the CD. I still have a lot of the songs on my MP3. I even got the original book Wicked: The Life and Times of The Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. Although the show was actually a different spin on The Wizard of Oz, it was based on Gregory Maquire's book. I often like to go back and read the original source when I see a movie or a Broadway show. I was really excited to read the book. However, I did not like the book at all. It was much darker than the show. I read the whole thing, but it took me a long time to get through. I did not read any of the sequels. I prefer to stick with the show. I liked it much better and would recommend it much more.

And that's our view. What is your favorite version of The Wizard of Oz story?