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Monday, May 6, 2013

Flowers, Plants & Gardening

Me - Flowers, plants, and gardening, wow! Once, I tried to grow an herb garden. All the plants died. Flowers are pretty. I wish I could have a garden, but it is not allowed in my neighborhood. We do have a couple of bushes with flowers on them in our front yard though. My sister and I are always picking flowers and bringing them home. My Dad doesn't really like us to bring flowers home because he is allergic. They always have a plant sale at school every year for Mother's Day. My mother, however,  is not really into plants. My grandma is a different story. She has plants in every room in her house except for two. When I go there, I help water the plants. When she goes away, I water them myself. Usually, if I bring a plant home from someplace, it dies a day or two later. I wish I could grow a garden.When I am playing, sometimes I like to give the kids flower names. Some of my favorites are Rose, Lily, Daffodil. Tulip, and Petunia. Even though I like plants I don't think I will ever like them as much or be as good with them as my Grandma.

Mom - I am not much of a plant person.Neither is my husband. In fact, whenever, we have had a plant it died except once when we had this Aloe Vera plant that my stepson brought home from the last day of second grade. My husband actually managed to keep that plant alive for a few years. Now, my husband has another Aloe Vera plant.When I was young, there were plants all over our house. My Mom was great with them and loved them. I couldn't even remember to water the plant in my own room so Mom took care of that too. I once had briefly had a flower garden. I got all the plants from a plant sale at school. I loved my flower garden because it was beautiful and colorful. My flower garden was so small that people didn't notice it and were always stepping in it. We got a little white fence to put around it, but even that didn't help much. My girls love flowers and when they wereyoung they were always bringing home wildflowers. My husband hated it because he is allergic to flowers. Needless to say, I never get any flowers for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or anything. I don't mind though because my husband is very generous to me, and I get so many better things. Before, I was with my husband, I dated this guy who worked with my best friend's husband. We went to this party from their work. All the wives were sitting around complaining that their husband's didn't bring them flowers enough. My friend said her husband didn't even bring her flowers when she had her son. I didn't really say anything about getting flowers or not getting flowers. However, the next two times, the guy I was dating came to pick me up to go out he brought me a bouquet of roses each time. My friend still hasn't gotten any flowers from her husband and that was a good twenty years ago.

And that's our view. Do you have a garden?

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