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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Callie and Pippi

Me -Callie and Pippi, wow! Last Thursday, we got new kittens named Callie Marie and Princess Pippi. Everybody calls them Callie and Pippi.  Everybody agrees with me that they are precious. They are so adorably cute. Everybody who sees them falls in love with them. I mean how could they help it. I love them so much. They are so funny. The way they play together. One time, they were staring at each other from across the room and then they ran after each other. It is also really fun the way they look at things they have never seen before like fans. They are tabby cats like our other cat Gigi was. They look a little like her but they have more coloring. My Grandfather says they have beautiful coloring and I agree. We really love our little kittens.

Mom -Last week we have had two new additions to our family - our 9 week old kittens - Callie Marie and Princess Pippi. We adopted them from the SPCA. I still really miss our cat, Gigi who died a few weeks ago, but it so good to have little furry creatures in the house again. Somethings about the kittens make me miss Gigi a little less. It had been a long time since Gigi was really playful like a kitten. Other things about them actually make me miss her more. Since, Gigi was already older we didn't have to worry about her getting into everything like the kittens do. Also, since Gigi was older she didn't need to run around the house all the time. She was happy just to sit with us and be petted. Callie and Pippi are still so overwhelmed by being in such a big house that they like to spend their time running all over it. Callie is a little bit more shy than Pippi. She also is a little bit more colorful. We tell them a part by the larger orange spot on Callie's head and the orange tip of her tail. Pippi's tail is all gray. In the dark, she really reminds us a lot of Gigi. Gigi loved us in her way. From the time she was baby she always liked to lick my arms, but that is all she licked. She also liked to sit right next to us and be petted. Once in a while, she would plant herself in my lap, but she didn't like to be picked up or held. She wasn't much of a cuddler. Callie and Pippi like to sit on our laps and be cuddled although lately they are so busy exploring the house they haven't been wanting to be cuddled that much. They also like to lick our fingers.  It is so cute the way they sleep all curled up together in our downstairs bathroom sink. Of course, I still miss Gigi, and I always will, but it is so nice to have little furry babies in the house again.

And that's our view. What is your favorite kind of pet?

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