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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Me - Mother's Day, wow! I love Mother's Day because I like to celebrate my Mom. She is the best Mom in the world. Her name is Jeryl Marcus. My sister says, Mommy Jeryl Marcus. I love my Mom so much. I have a really very special relationship with her. We always have these special talks. For her present this year, I wrote her a song. It is called Mom. This year for Mother's Day we went out to brunch with my grandparents. We went to one of my favorite restaurants. It is called Moms. I think it was appropriate for the occasion since it was Mother's Day. The food was really good. I couldn't finish all of mine. I took it home and had it later. Just our immediate family had dinner at home. This is my first Mother's Day when I am a mother too. My Mom, my sister and I are all mother's to our two new baby kittens. Mother's Day is a very special day.

Mom -Another Mother's Day has come and gone. We went to lunch with my parents. It was one of our favorite restaurants, and the food was really good. We had dinner at home. It was something we had never before either, and it was good too.  Melia wrote me a song. Aurella made me a note cards and magnets and gave me sunflower seeds and a little pot to plant them in.  Those were projects she had made in school or Daisies.She also wrote me a story and a song and drew me lots of pictures. She also ordered me something special with a design she drew on it, but that hasn't come in yet. I am really looking forward to seeing that when it comes in.  I don't know exactly what is is. It is going to be a surprise. My husband got me three pairs of shoes as a Mother's Day present, red wedges, white wedges, and blue wedges. I  was very happy because I just love shoes. I also got a lot of nice cards from my husband, my kids, my best friend and my Mom. Even the weather was really nice. All in all, it was a really nice Mother's Day.

And that's our view. How was your Mother's Day?

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