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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips for Tuesday - Apps. and Web-Sites: Spelltower

Me - Today I am recommending spelltower. It is so much fun. You make words and get points. Me and my Mom got the best word score on a display tablet at the AT & T store at a mall we went to. The word was crafted. Me and my Mom love doing stuff with words.That's one reason we like to blog. Spelltower is not that much money, and I would definitely recommend it.

Mom - Today I am also recommending spelltower. I am generally not that much in to games. When I do like games, they are games that make you think. Spelltower is definitely a game that makes you think. Spelltower is good for any age. Adults can challenge themselves to find as many high scoring words as they can. Children can  challenge themselves to find as many words as they can while practicing their spelling in a fun way. Even a child just learning to spell can have fun finding as many words as they are able to. Spelltower is hours of fun for everyone.

And that's our view.