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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where-to-Go Wednesday - Sleepover at a Baseball Stadium

What:  Sleepover at a Baseball Stadium

Where: Various Locations

Who: Everyone

Our view: If you think it wouldn't be fun to stay overnight at a baseball stadium, then you have probably never experienced sleeping over at a baseball stadium. Even if you are not into camping, but you like baseball, it is still fun. Believe us, at least one member of our family is not by any stretch of the imagination into roughing it. However, we all had a great time at our first baseball sleepover. Besides, stadium sleepovers are not completely roughing it anyway since bathrooms are available and food may be provided as well. The sleepover experience may vary from stadium to stadium. Some only provide sleepovers for scouting groups. Others allow families as well. Some stadiums may not provide overnights at all. If you are interested contact your local minor or independent league stadium and find out what they offer. Cost and what is provided also may vary from location to location. We were able to a get a game ticket, post game fireworks, a snack, a movie, breakfast, and a baseball clinic all for about $30.00 per person at  Campbell's Field in Camden, NJ. Please note, If you wish to sleep in a tent, you will be required to provide your own.

And that's our view. For more about stadium sleepovers see tomorrow's Talking Topics.