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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love Objects

Me -  Love object, wow! When I was little, my favorite toy was a Boo doll from Monsters, Inc. I grabbed the box in the store and said "Me Want. Me Want." As soon as my parents agreed to buy her for me, I grabbed her and ran off with her.  Boo and I went everywhere together and did everything together. She was my BDFF (best doll friend forever). At first my parents didn't want me to sleep with her because her face was a little hard, but I wouldn't let them take her away. I slept with her every night, and I never got hurt.  She was so loved that she developed bald spots from being carried around everywhere.  I even had a backup Boo that we kept at my Grandma's. I loved that one too, but not as much as my original Boo. Boo was like a combination best friend and my own baby. She did things with me liking watching TV and going places, but other times I treated her like she was my baby  changing her diaper and feeding her and stuff. One Thanksgiving, a group of our friends and relatives sat around hysterically laughing as they watched 2 year old me diapering my baby doll. I was always leaving Boo places and my father was always finding her for me until one day, I lost her and he couldn't find her. I remember she was wearing a really pretty dress when I lost her. I still have backup Boo and someday I  hope to give her to my own daughter

Mom - I don't specifically remember ever having a  love object myself, but both of my girls had one as did my stepson. My stepson had an old blanket called Blanky. Melia had a Boo doll from the movie Monsters, Inc. My husband and I saw the movie when Melia was a baby, and it reminded us of her so we got her a Boo doll at the Disney Store. Up to that time. Melia was never too attached to any of her toys. However, the moment she saw Boo, it was love at first sight. Boo went everywhere with her and did everything with her. They ate together, they slept together, they watched TV together. She was like another member of our family. We even had to get her a separate Boo doll to keep at my mother's house after she woke up one night when we were sleeping there crying not for Mommy or Daddy but for Boo who had accidentally been left behind. That was not the only time Boo got left behind. I can't even recall how many times my husband to return to places to retrieve Boo after she had accidentally been left behind. In the end, the original Boo was lost when she was left behind during a day of shopping, and we couldn't find her again. By that time, Melia was already about six. Aurella had  a doll named Baby. Her real name was Lola, but Aurella always called her Baby. Like Melia and Boo before them, Aurella and Baby went everywhere together and did everything together. Luckily, we were able to have a replacement Baby doll  too because when Aurella chewed the doll's foot off, it became necessary to replace her. At first, Aurella actually thought Daddy had fixed Baby and went around proudly telling people "My Daddy fixed Baby." However, she soon figured it out and started telling people "My Daddy got me a new Baby." and it didn't seem to bother her at all that it was a whole new doll.  My niece, on the other hand, couldn't even stand the smell of her love object, Bunny, after Grandma dared to wash it.  Now, that my girls are older their favorite toy seems to change from day to day and sometimes even from minute to minute, but I sometimes can't help missing the days when Boo and/or Baby were members of our family and my babies were still babies.

And that's our view.  What's your kid's favorite love object?

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