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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Me - Some of my favorites kinds of candies are Bunch a Crunch, Sugar Babies, Hershey Bars, and M & Ms. If I really told you all of my favorites, it would take too long. I love candy that is chocolate. Chocolate is my favorite kind of candy. Whenever we go to the movies, we go the dollar store and get a bunch of candy. That is the only time we are allowed to eat a lot of candy at once. Even on Halloween, we are not allowed to eat that much candy. We are not allowed to eat more than 4 pieces a day. When we go to the movies, we all share our candy or at least Mommy and Daddy and I do. Melia doesn't like everything that we do. Daddy actually likes the most different kinds of candy. He likes almost everything. He likes Good and Plenty, and we don't. He loves Twizzler and could eat a bag of them every day, but none of the rest of us like them. Mommy doesn't mind when Daddy brings Twizzlers in the house because she won't touch them so it is good for her diet. She can't stay away from chocolate though. When my brother was little, Mommy and Daddy used to eat all his Halloween chocolate because he didn't like it. My sister and I love chocolate so we eat our own. I really love candy.*

*The above is a guest post by little sister, Aurella, as dictated to Mom.

Mom - I have always been addicted to chocolate. Both my daughters and my husband are very fond of chocolate as well.  I especially like the combination of chocolate and caramel. Milky Ways and Twix are two of my favorites. When I was young, there used to be these really long bars of chocolate filled with caramel. They were called Marathon bars. They were my favorite candy bars ever. When I was a kid, I was able to get them a lot because my best friend's father owned a candy store. However, when I got older, they stopped making them. They are not even like one of those retro candies that you can still get somewhere. They just do not exist anymore. I have been told that Cadbury makes a similar product, but I have never seen it. I am sure it would not be the same anyway. I believe that there actually are bars now called Marathon bars, but they are not candy, they are energy bars. Aside from milk chocolate, I also like white chocolate, but I do not like dark chocolate. I love chocolate with crunchies, don't mind chocolate with nuts, and don 't like chocolate with coconut. Aside from chocolate, I like star burst fruit chews and an occasional lollipop or sucking candy, but over all, I am not fond of non-chocolate candy. I used to chew gum a lot when I was younger, when I got off my braces that was  the first thing  I couldn't wait to do. Nowadays, I don't really chew gum much although my older daughter is fond of it. I think it is a habit she picked up from my Dad since my husband doesn't really chew gum much either nor does my younger daughter. In general, gum chewing gives me a headache. However, I would definitely stock up on gum though if I was going to be going on an airplane because I would rather chew gum than have my ears pop. I once had the experience of having my ears pop after flying on a plane and it was one of the most painful experiences of my life and not one I care to repeat.

And that's our view. What kind of candy would you miss if you couldn't get it anymore?

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