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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Saturday Special - An Interview with David Serero; Director, Producer and Star of the Upcoming Ten Commandments Musical

The Ten Commandments Musical will be making its New York Premiere at the Center for Jewish History beginning this coming Thursday, May 5, 2022. Today we are speaking with David Serero (DS) who not only directed, produced, and starred in the production but he also adapted the current version of the show.

Has this version of The Ten Commandments Musical been presented before?

(DS) This is a brand new adaptation and a new fresh version of the show. This musical was initially done in the French language and was one of France's most successful back in the 2000s. It's also Americanized in the vocal musical theater culture and style by adding dialogue. This version was never presented before, and it's the first time it's presented in the English language. 

Why did you decide to present this particular play at this particular time?

(DS) I'm at a time when I will not wait a single day to make my dreams come true. This musical is one of my dearest dreams, especially since I admire the works of Elie Chouraqui, Pascal Obispo, Patrice Guiraro, Lionel Florence, and Kamel Ouali, who have created the show. To bring this musical, which not only tells the story of Moses, but it's about getting people together and the human aspects of each character, is an enormous responsibility, which I feel ready to take and present to the exigent New York audience. Plus, we're right after Passover, and this Jewish holiday celebrates the story of the Jews in Egypt, which makes it timely.

What ages will this show appeal to?

(DS)   (It is) for everyone, and for every religion. Love is for everyone! 

What has been the best part of putting this show together?

(DS)  To decide to do it. My biggest talent is to open doors and make things happen. I have an incredible cast who are passionate about the story and the staging. I also cast actors who are young but with intense training and experience to shine with all their diversity, as this story of the Ten Commandments is about life and bringing people together. It's always a great reward for me as the director and producer to see actors who didn't know each other before getting together to sing a piece that comes from abroad and have the audience applauding it. I'm passionate about the human experience and building bridges.

What has been the hardest part of putting this show together?

(DS)  Anything biblical is always challenging to stage. Imagine having on stage the Red Sea opening for Moses and remaining believable. It requires more creativity and effort. You can not go halfway on it. The English adaptation, which I did, was also very challenging as I didn't want it to sound like a translation but also I wanted to bring more of the story to the lyrics. I had the full support of the original French lyricists, Mr. Guirao and Florence. Plus, to put together a show of that scale in the challenging era of semi post covid is always a tough one. 

Why do you think this show will appeal to audiences?

(DS) No one can remain indifferent to the music of Pascal Obispo. There will not be a dry eye in the audience. The whole idea is to bring all these biblical characters' feelings and human qualities and tell the story.

What will audiences find surprising about this show?

(DS) They will learn a beautiful story and that humans have not changed even (in over)  5,000 years. 

 Is there anything else you would like to share about this show?

(DS) This show ends with an encore song called The Will To Love (L'envie d'aimer), which became #1 on French music charts for a long time and was a hit of the original Moses, Daniel Levi, with whom I went to work and study, so he could teach me some particular vocal colors of what Moses is. This song is about loving each other and has a positive message. I put all my influences (into it): Classical theater, American musical culture, the French savoir-faire from Pascal Obispo, Guirao, and Florence. I want the audience to leave the room (feeling) something and be inspired.

The Center for Jewish History is located at 15 W. 16th St., (Between 5th and 6th Ave.), New York, NY.  The Ten Commandments will have performances on the following dates and times:

May 5,   3:00 PM
May 8,   6:00 PM (Premeire)
May 10, 8:00 PM
May 12, 10:00 PM
May 15,  6:00 PM

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.thetencommandmentsthemusical.com.

Tune in tomorrow for this week's Sunday Scoop.

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